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I’ve been using this psd for about 6 months now, so I’m releasing it for others to use! Also as a thank you because I reached 75k followers the other day so thank you haha

Oh and also a simple gif action that i used on the gifs in this photoset~

PSD12 by heyarigrande [Download]

Gif Action 2 by heyarigande [Download]

Someone requested a new psd and I just reached 65k so here’s a psd made for concerts/performances as a thank youu

So as requested and in honor of reaching 60k a few days ago, here’s one of my gif actions (Must convert frames to smart object first)

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A psd I made yesterday with a little pastel vibe (Includes bw)

I tried to make a simple psd that would work for almost any video sooo yeahh here you go! I suggest adjusting the vibrance layer to your liking

I hit 50k followers today and i dont really know what to do in honor of that tbh so here’s another one of my recent psds as a thank youu

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So in honor of reaching 47k followers...

People have been asking for this psd so here you go merry christmas